Do you have a story, a message, something only you can write that has been knocking on your door for months ... or years?

It is that thing you just can't stop thinking about. That experience that made you who you are today. That clear knowing that you want more than anything to share with others in order to inspire them.

Yet you don’t know what to do next with this knowing.

I’ve spent more than the past year speaking and working with more than 25 authors to bring their inspirational books into the world. What I’ve discovered is the thing that keeps the majority of them from actually doing it is either fear or overwhelm—not knowing how to get started. 

That’s why I’ve been called to create an offering to address this concern so that more of these inspired books can go from living within the confines of the hearts and minds of so many people and make it into the physical world where they can have a transformational and lasting impact on not only the author but also the many readers.

Having written my own book (and currently facing the resistance that is keeping me from manifesting my second one), I know first-hand the questions and blocks that come up when we desire to bring forth that message that lives within us. That message that, when revealed and expressed, will release the shame and power that story once had over us and turn it into a story of hope and inspiration for others.

If you have heard the call and have a message that yearns to be brought forth into the world, I invite you to join me for seven weeks where, with guidance and support, you will:

  • get clear on your why,

  • receive ongoing encouragement + accountability,

  • find your voice + discipline,

  • create your structure + flow,

  • identify what you need to say, how to say it + who you are saying it to,

  • and turn your message into an inspirational book. 

It’s time to listen to the call, take that desire and turn it into something that will change lives—yours included. We begin right after the New Moon on May 6—an ideal time to start something new and plant the seeds for what is yet to come. We will complete our time together on the Full Moon on June 17—the perfect time to be pregnant and ready to birth that which desires to be made manifest.

My deep desire is to serve you through the use of my gifts—which happens to be inspiring others to reveal their truth and intuitively guide them to find a way to express it in such a way that resonates deeply with others. With years of experience as a published author, ghostwriter, editor, and life coach (have a look below for some client love and samples of my previous projects), I am here to awaken and ignite that book yearning to be birthed through you.

Will you join us? 

For an investment of $444, you will receive:

  • seven weekly live Q&A video calls every Monday where I will offer guidance + support, answer any questions you may have, and work with you through any fears or blocks that might arise throughout the process,

  • recordings of each call should you be unable to join us live or want to watch the replay,

  • access to other authors who can offer you feedback, inspiration, support, accountability + a reminder that you are not in this alone,

  • resources + additional information to support you in bringing your book into the world,

  • unlimited email access to me to offer support or answer any question you may have, and

  • a clear framework + foundation from which to write + complete your book!

If you desire additional, personalized support from me, I have space to support 11 of you for an additional $333 exchange, which will give you:

  • one 90-minute one-on-one deep dive session on your book where I will offer intuitive guidance + feedback on your message, concept, framework + structure so that you feel confident, clear + excited to nurture + birth this book into the world,

  • review + feedback on up to 20,000 words of your writings, ideas, notes, concepts, scribbles—however it is in its current form or what pours through you over the course of our time together.

    (This can be purchased + scheduled anytime before June 17.)

After you complete your purchase, I will send you an email and calendar invites with all the information you need to join us. And if you have any questions or reservations whatsoever, please reach out ( My intention and desire is to support you in moving through any resistance you may be facing so that we may all benefit from you listening to your soul’s desire.

Seven-week overview:

  • Week 1: Get clear on your “why"

  • Week 2: Determine what you are committing to + what your discipline will look like

  • Week 3: Identify what you have to say + your overall concept 

  • Week 4: Explore the problem your book addresses + determine the theme

  • Week 5: Craft your story (define your framework + story elements)

  • Week 6: Create your outline + structure

  • Week 7: Identify your audience + commit to next steps

What Clients Are Saying …

As a new author, I felt very strongly about my book being the very best book it could be which meant I wanted to work with the very best editor I could hire.

I interviewed many; none gave me a spark of joy. As with the title of my book, I thought, there’s got to be a better way, and I reached out to one last group of connections asking for help finding a Mary Poppins of an editor, practically perfect in every way. Within minutes, I was introduced to Amanda Johnson.

Amanda is insightful and talented. After handing over thousands of words to her, she came back with an idea that elevated the concept of my book beyond what I could have imagined, and the magic didn’t stop there. My book was created in the margins, between comments and conversations where Amanda took me deeper into my own process to help guide my readers to do the same.

Amanda is punctual and professional. She gave me resources and advice, and held a strong but gentle line with me to keep my project on track and make sure I had everything I needed not only to launch my book, but to be happy and supported while doing it.

The great gift of bringing my book into the world is that it is infinitely better because of Amanda’s eyes, hands and heart in it.
— Karen Pery, author of "There's Got to Be a Better Way: An Overachiever's Guide to Discovering Joy"
I would recommend you to everyone. You’ve been amazing.
— Dr. Nima Rahmany, author of "Triggerproof"
You have been such a guiding light at the most perfect moments. Faith showing up in human form. A beautiful experience. I thank you for listening and allowing guidance for the highest power. You are such a gift!!! So grateful for your part in this journey! I am truly blessed.
— Jamie Gilcrease, author of "The Mud Through My Eyes"
Your energy and work that you have put towards my (our) book brings tears to my eyes. Thank you!!
— Misty Proffitt-Thompson, author of "From Grief to Acceptance"

The Proof is in the Reading