Do you have a story, a message, something only you can write that has been knocking on your door for months ... or maybe even years?

It is that thing you just can't stop thinking about. That experience that made you who you are today. That clear knowing that you want more than anything to share with others in order to inspire them.

Yet something has been holding you back from either starting or finishing it.

After bringing my own inspirational book—along with many others’—into the world, I’ve discovered that one of the most important elements to completing a book is a quiet mind with clear access to your inner truth and most authentic self. One of the keys to doing this (and one of the biggest challenges or excuses most writers face) is creating the time and space to devote to the one thing they want to do most—write their book.

That’s why I’ve been guided to create a special opportunity for a small select all-gender group of writers that I feel are ready to bring their book into the world. I am inviting men and women who feel the energetic call to join me for this experience in Costa Rica—the most perfectly divine safe space, designed and intended to catalyze your creative process.

As a ‘book doula,’ it is my privilege and responsibility to guide you to connect with yourself and tap into your most divine energy in the most ideal environment.

Ultimately, my intention for you is to: 

  • devote uninterrupted time and space to start (or maybe complete) your project. 

  • learn techniques to remove “writer’s block” + be in your best frame of mind to write your best book (remember, writing comes from a place of being, not doing).

  • receive direct one-on-one + group feedback along with next steps for your book.

  • feel nourished + connected during the writing process (and be reminded that it doesn’t need to feel arduous or solitary).

If you have heard the call and have a message that yearns to be brought forth into the world, I invite you to join me in Costa Rica for a magical week (October 2-7) where, with guidance and support, you will:

  • connect with your divine nature, immerse yourself in the writing process + learn from others,

  • awaken + unleash your creative life force energy,

  • learn to free + express your authentic voice,

  • share your wisdom + expertise with others in the group,

  • learn the pillars of divine writing to reveal + express your message,

  • and turn your message into an inspirational book. 

It’s time to listen to the call, take that desire, and turn it into something that will change lives—yours included.

My deep desire is to serve you through the use of my gifts—which happens to be inspiring others to reveal their truth and intuitively guide them to find a way to express it in such a way that resonates deeply with others. With years of experience as a published author, ghostwriter, editor, and life coach (have a look below for some client love and samples of my previous projects), I am here to awaken and ignite that book yearning to be birthed through you.

There are only 18 spots available given the nature of offering a nurturing and equally supportive environment. Schedule a call with me to see if this is the right fit for you.

Claim your spot + commit to your dream today!

Vida Tree 2.jpg

In exchange for your financial investment, you will receive:

  • five full days + nights in the beautiful jungle of Costa Rica at the Vida by Selina retreat center (as well as shuttle transportation to + from),

  • three deliciously healthy meals each day to nourish + replenish your body + soul,

  • well-appointed and comfortable “glamping” accommodations with bed, linens, electricity + wifi (even though we encourage using this time to disconnect, we understand the necessity to have that option),

  • healing + grounding ceremonies (including a divine cacao ceremony) to support you in connecting to + honoring your experience,

  • access to explore acres of gorgeous nature, including experiencing the power of the Vida Tree,

  • daily movement, meditation, workshops + activities to support + nurture your creativity + writing,

  • pre-work + a New Moon live call prior to arriving to support you in getting the most from your time + resources for what to do next,

  • One 60-minute one-on-one session with me onsite + a 60-minute one-on-one follow-up call to support you once you return home,

  • and the excitement + pride you will feel taking this important next step in bringing your message to the world!

A $500 deposit secures your spot. Invoice for remaining balance of $1500 will be sent upon receipt of deposit. You are fully supported and will receive an email with all the details you need to know (how to get there, what to bring, shuttle schedule, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera). Price does not include flight to San Jose Costa Rica Airport (SJO). If you have a friend who wants to join you, send me an email with both your names and email addresses, and you will each receive 10% off!

If you have any questions whatsoever, please schedule a time to connect with me one-on-one or send me an email.

Each day, you can expect:

  • First day: Arrive + connect, delicious dinner with other participants, opening cacao ceremony

  • Morning movement + meditation

  • Three deliciously healthy meals + coffee/tea breaks

  • Workshops + experiences to activate + cultivate your creativity, writing process + next steps to take

  • Hours of uninterrupted time to devote to writing

  • One-on-one time with a personal writing coach to discuss your project + receive direct feedback

  • Group discussion to share process, challenges + solutions with one another

  • Final morning: Nourishing breakfast + closing ceremony

Meet the Facilitators

IMG_1927 2.png

Amanda Johnson has one mission: to inspire others to reveal and express more of who they truly are. One way she does this is through her work as a writer, editor, and book doula, guiding other authors to reveal and express their message in the most authentic and impactful way. Her work with clients takes them on a transformational journey, resulting in aha moments, clarity of thought, and many lives changed through the process of co-creating a book together. She is the author of Becoming Enough: A Heroine's Journey to the Already Perfect Self, founder of Awaken Village Press, and host of the Being Inspired Radio Show.

During this retreat, Amanda will guide you to better understand the book-writing process through the three phases of the creation process—conception, gestation, and delivery. Using the natural rhythms of human creation to guide us, we will take a look at the judgments, resistances, and attachments we encounter along the way and how to transmute them into something that serves us, our message, and the world.

Arielle Brown.png

Arielle Brown is a guide, muse, and facilitator with a focus in embodied intelligence and transparent communication skills. Through her work with private clients and transformation group containers, she supports others in connecting to their authentic desires, and cultivating mastery in the realms of intimacy energetics and Masculine-Feminine polarity interplay.

Amidst this immersive 5-day writer's retreat, Arielle will guide us through an experiential workshop of embodying the power of our sexual energy, and embracing it as an essential ally for our creative and transformational process. Through her emergent body of work, Erotic Alchemy, receive a powerful reframe on what sexuality actually is and how it can be utilized to channel your authentic essence and unadulterated truth into the world.

JaimeFleres 15.png

Jaime Fleres is an author, writing coach, and editor devoted to serving others and the world through authentic creative expression. She is the author of Birth Your Story: Why Writing About Your Birth Matters. Jaime holds a Masters in Teaching Writing and a Bachelors in Women’s Studies and English from San Diego State. Her superpowers are her open heart, her capacity to connect and listen to others, and her ability to navigate and translate between the soul and human realms with ease.

During our retreat, Jaime will lead us through a Qoya workshop. Qoya is based on the simple idea that through movement we remember. Qoya is an embodied movement practice with shamanic elements, which weaves together the practices of yoga, creative dance, and sensual movement. It is a practice that calls us to our inner knowing and inner validation and brings profound insight and healing through embodiment. In this powerful workshop, you’ll use Qoya to explore what your body and soul have to share with you about your project, walking away with new insight and a deeper embodied understanding of your creative work. She will also be available for one-on-one writing and creativity coaching throughout our time together.


Rodolfo Carrillo, native Costa Rican and Founder/CEO of SER Consulting, believes in the power of profound transformation. 
A seasoned consultant with an MBA who has lived and worked around the world, Rodolfo has always incorporated kindness and compassion into his trainings. Whether he is helping individuals improve their wellness or helping writers facilitate the mental and emotional conditions so they can fully take advantage of the creative experience, Rodolfo’s work is consistently praised for the potency of its holistic formula. 

Ahead of his time, Rodolfo has been on the forefront of bringing consciousness and spiritual concepts to the most challenging cases: from healing physical, mental and emotional conditions, to rehabilitating ailing corporations. 

A highly regarded leader recognized for creating total turnaround, Rodolfo is on the board of several large organizations. He is often interviewed and invited to speak about the mind-body-spirit connection contributing to the effectiveness of his in-depth approach that creates long-lasting results. During our time together, Rodolfo will open and hold a safe space where you can acknowledge, voice, and re-signify your story so it can more profoundly serve you. Writing your story is important—honoring it and rewriting it is equally as important.

What Clients Are Saying …

As a new author, I felt very strongly about my book being the very best book it could be which meant I wanted to work with the very best editor I could hire.

I interviewed many; none gave me a spark of joy. As with the title of my book, I thought, there’s got to be a better way, and I reached out to one last group of connections asking for help finding a Mary Poppins of an editor, practically perfect in every way. Within minutes, I was introduced to Amanda Johnson.

Amanda is insightful and talented. After handing over thousands of words to her, she came back with an idea that elevated the concept of my book beyond what I could have imagined, and the magic didn’t stop there. My book was created in the margins, between comments and conversations where Amanda took me deeper into my own process to help guide my readers to do the same.

Amanda is punctual and professional. She gave me resources and advice, and held a strong but gentle line with me to keep my project on track and make sure I had everything I needed not only to launch my book, but to be happy and supported while doing it.

The great gift of bringing my book into the world is that it is infinitely better because of Amanda’s eyes, hands and heart in it.
— Karen Pery, author of "There's Got to Be a Better Way: An Overachiever's Guide to Discovering Joy"
I would recommend you to everyone. You’ve been amazing.
— Dr. Nima Rahmany, author of "Triggerproof"
You have been such a guiding light at the most perfect moments. Faith showing up in human form. A beautiful experience. I thank you for listening and allowing guidance for the highest power. You are such a gift!!! So grateful for your part in this journey! I am truly blessed.
— Jamie Gilcrease, author of "The Mud Through My Eyes"
I have had the honor of working with Amanda as the editor of my book published in April 2019. Amanda is heart-centered, dedicated, kind, and intuitive regarding the needs of the book. She ensured that my message was portrayed in a way that was in line with me and my voice, yet organized and written in an enticing way that drew the reader in further. Amanda’s understanding of my intentions, due to the research she did on me and my story, allowed her to offer meaningful suggestions that inevitably boosted my message to that next level of success. Her energy and light was infused in the book and, as a result, the book received numerous outstanding reviews. I am incredibly grateful for all that Amanda has done for me. For those who are fortunate enough to work with Amanda in the future, your book will absolutely soar.
— Misty Proffitt-Thompson, author of "From Grief to Acceptance"

The Proof is in the Reading