Do you already know that nothing is broken and yet you still find yourself seeking answers or spending hours reading posts and articles that fall under the “self-improvement” section?

Do you believe that you are uniquely designed to serve a unique purpose but experience self-doubt that keeps you from expressing it fully?

Do you understand that you are the source of your own worth and validation and yet find yourself feeling inadequate when you compare yourself to others or rely on their attention or approval?

My greatest lesson (and what I am here to teach) is being good with being me. Just as I am. Accepting all of me—the crunchy parts along with the brilliant ones. Getting out of judgment around which is which. Trusting that who I am is enough. Always. And learning how to reveal who I truly AM in order to live from my Truth more consistently. (I even wrote a book about it, which you can buy here.)

And I continue this practice each and every day even when it's not always easy. Why?

Because I'm learning that this is what it means to be FREE—free to be who I truly am.

Being good with being you means no longer judging and, instead, accepting ALL parts of yourself and releasing the expectations or attachments to being or doing things a certain way.

Where you are currently is already enough. And you found your way here (which is no coincidence, by the way) because you have this feeling that something isn’t quite enough, and I get that. This course as an opportunity to explore that—gently, willingly, playfully, and lovingly.

I do believe that in order to reveal and express more of who we truly are we must be willing to get out the putty knife and peel back the layers from time to time. But that’s not because we’re not okay—it’s because we are SO okay and sometimes can't see it!

If you are ready to explore what lies beneath some of the gunk (and maybe clear some of it away in the process), give yourself the gift of being good with being you and enroll today.

This is for you if you are ready to...

  • Live, laugh, and love more fully.
  • Have the tools to be gentler with yourself and with others.
  • Remove guilt, heal negative self-talk, and quiet the chatter in your head.
  • Create peace within yourself and have better relationships with others.
  • Redefine your own definitions of success and abundance.
  • Free yourself from looking to others for validation or caring what others might think.
  • Unapologetically experience more peace, ease, and joy.

You'll learn how to...

  • No longer live under the weight of criticality of yourself and others.
  • Become the non-judgmental observer.
  • Stop resisting your reality and start accepting what is.
  • Identify your attachments so they can finally be released.
  • Start letting go so you can finally be free.

What you'll receive...

  • While this isn't some "get-{fill-in-the-blank]-quick" program, this is a valuable piece of your overall evolution.
  • Unlimited access to 6 recorded seminars, 6 in-depth workbooks, and a private Facebook group (for those who enjoy being part of an online community of like-minded individuals).
  • Email reminders with inspiration to support you on your journey and ensure you’re enjoying the ride!
  • Access to me via email or Facebook to ask questions, request support, or simply be seen during your journey.
  • An opportunity to explore, reveal, and deepen into your Truest self at your own pace and in a way that serves you best.

We know that it's not just about receiving; there is an exchange here—what we get out of something is equal to what we choose to put in energetically (which includes our time and money).

What you'll give...

  • There is no magic pill and no one can do the work for you; you must have a willingness to do the (sometimes) uncomfy work it takes to reveal your Truest self.
  • $197* which, I feel confident enough to say, is a "Hell, YES!" sort of price.
  • Plus, when you invest in yourself, you're not only helping yourself, you're also helping the future of our planet by bringing mindfulness into classrooms as a 11% of all sales are donated to Headstand (an innovative non-profit organization that works to combat toxic stress in disadvantaged K-12 students through mindfulness, yoga, and character education).

Let's do this!

If you're ready, I invite you to be a part of this incredible opportunity and feel incredibly honored to be a part of your incredible journey! Enroll today and begin (or perhaps continue) the process of BEING good with being YOU!

I'm Ready to Be Me!

For those of you who are not quite a "Hell, YES!" and are curious if my style is a good fit or want to get a flavor for what you're signing up for, I invite you to listen to an excerpt from one of the seminars.

What others are saying...

"BGBY helped bring awareness to the thoughts running riot through my head. Amanda helped me remember that I don't have to believe everything I think! Having the tools and being able to practice observing my thoughts without judging them (or myself) was a game changer for me—it allowed me to be gentler with myself and in turn gentler with others. Amanda helped guide me into a place of deeper acceptance both through her work and by example." - Amy Biondini

"BGBY cuts out the mind chatter and shoots you directly into the magic of the present! Thank you for your GENIUS on thought acceptance. You are infusing so much awareness in me!" - Tara Tagliaferro

"This content is so powerful Amanda and I am so grateful for it. I feel empowered by what I am learning here!" - Kelly Hall

Questions you might have...

Q: If there’s nothing to fix, why would I take a course or enroll in a program like this?

A: I wholeheartedly agree that there's nothing to fix. And, you're right, it can sometimes seem paradoxical then to take a course or read books or look to other resources if this is the case. My current answer to this (which I am still exploring) is, while there is absolutely nothing broken, there is oftentimes a bunch of gunk that has built up over time which is preventing us from BEING our Truest nature and who we, ultimately, are. And that is what this course offers you—an opportunity to explore this "gunk" curiously, lovingly, and gently so that you can be MORE of you.

Q: Why is this a self-paced course and not being conducted as a live program?

A: I’ve recently come to understand how I prefer to learn and that I'm most likely going to call in people who are somewhat like me. I prefer picking up a book or enrolling in a course which I can take at my own pace, on my own time, and do the work on my own terms. I enjoy having a community of others but sometimes have found this can be a little distracting to my revelations since it’s all too easy for me to start comparing myself to others or tracking my progress against there’s.

So I'm offering this program as an online self-study course which you can enroll in at any time (at least for now). Once you enroll, you have unlimited access to it. You can go back as many or as few times as you desire. Why? Because your way is perfect—exactly as it’s meant to be. However fast or slow or social or individual or online or offline as it may be. This offers you the freedom to learn and expand and evolve in a way that feels most true to you. It’s totally up to you if you complete it in 6 weeks, 3 months, or 3 years. It’s not about doing more or getting there faster because there is no “there” to get to.

Q: Is it always going to be open enrollment at this price?

A: I am also continuously evolving and expanding and I reserve the right to shift gears and show up differently in the future which means that I may decide at some point not to offer this as open enrollment or at this price. I may decide to revamp it again. Or I may not. I want to be transparent with you. And this is not to indicate that the content is not valuable in this current iteration—it simply gives me permission to evolve along with you. I promise that I will uphold my promise to grant you lifetime access to this content even if things shift or change in the future. And I simply ask that you are as gentle with me as you are with yourself through any transition should an evolution occur in the future.

* To honor the energetic exchange, all sales are final.