I created this challenge because I wanted to share my process for going from "never enough" to "always okay." It is based on the inspired framework that I created and serves as the foundation for my Being Good with Being You virtual program.

Together, we learn how to move from judgment to non-judgmental awareness, from resistance to accepting what is, and learning to release our attachments that are keeping us from BEING our true selves. We do this by exploring these concepts in relationship to our thoughts, our bodies, our feelings, others, our past, our present, and our future. Whew!

Each day consists of a short video, an inspiring quote, a challenge, an affirmation, and a reflection question for deeper exploration. (I know, that's a lot, right?!) Feel free to do as much or as little as serves you. Perhaps one day you find the affirmation inspires something within you. Perhaps another day you feel like watching the video and reflecting on the question. It's not about doing it all or doing it "right"—I trust that you will get out of this exactly what you are meant to in the timeframe you are meant to. 

We all know that if you truly desire to reveal more of your True self, then it takes time and practice. It's an ongoing journey (and there is no "there" to get to). You can look at this challenge as a guide for implementing some new practices or serving as your virtual mentor for the next 21 days and beyond.

And should you find that you'd like to go a bit deeper with some of this work, then I invite you to learn more about my virtual Being Good with Being You program. It's an opportunity to take this work another level deeper.