Welcome to the Being You Virtual Classroom!

The intention of this space is to serve as your digital classroom and resource center as you continue on your journey to become even more aware and express even more of YOU.

I created this space for two primary reasons. One, because I didn't want the content I'm creating and the seminars I host to be shared once and then disappear into the digital void. (That seemed like such a waste.) And, two, I want to ensure this content continues to serve others who can access it, learn from it, and be inspired by it on an ongoing basis.

This content is here to serve you however you best see fit.

Perhaps you check out the seminars each month or perhaps you commit to accessing a video once a week. Or maybe you bust through the 21-day challenge in three weeks. There is no "one" way and no obligation, which is why I've created this space to be available to you at your discretion. This is your journey. Try things on and see what sticks.

The reason I teach what I teach is because it is an ongoing practice and I am a lifelong student. I believe in the power of sharing ones experience so others can be inspired, encouraged, and reminded of what is possible. And because it is healing for me to do so.

Teaching is part of my journey. It's as much for me as it is for anyone who receives from me.

This is what I'm learning about what it means to give and receive.

I gain so much by "giving" of my experiences, lessons, and discoveries just as much as I receive from others' experiences, lessons, and discoveries. And I trust the same is true for you.

So, welcome. May this digital classroom support you on your journey and serve as a place of inspiration as you continue to evolve and begin to be more and more YOU!

Being You Challenge Content

The Being You Holiday Challenge ran during the holiday season of 2015 and is packed full of valuable content. All prizes and challenges are now closed but I invite you to dig in to this content and feel free to tag me @beingamandaj to let me know what insights you uncover or the shifts you experience.

I created this challenge because, as a recovering perfectionist and over-thinker, I was done with feeling "not good enough" (especially as I was about to start a new year) and thinking I somehow needed to do something more in order to feel complete. I’ve learned—from personal experience and years of trying to “fix” myself—that life is a whole lot easier and a whole lot more fun once I finally realized I’m already enough (and, actually pretty darn great) just the way I am.

Click the image to access all of the incredible content and get started going from "never enough" to "always okay" being YOU!


Being Inspired Radio Show

Each week I host a radio show where I inspire you to love the life you have by becoming more aware of the wholeness that already exists within.

These are 30-60 minute episodes where I explore something that is real and present for me and the lessons and insights I am or my guest is experiencing. 

Click the image to access all episodes (and remember to subscribe so you are notified when each new episode is added).