Day 1: Observe - Overview of Non-Judgmental Awareness


"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." ~ William Shakespeare


Keep a list of the judgments you have throughout the day. Anything from your body to your thoughts to your feelings to other people to the weather to the traffic to the taste of something. Notice it and write it down. See if you can refrain from believing it and instead just notice it. Share with us a picture of the list or the insights you gain from this exercise.

Remember to tag us using #BeingYouHolidayChallenge and tag me @beingamandaj. I would love to follow your journey and see what insights you have.




Think of a time when your judgment (inner critic) came up recently. Have a dialogue with it and ask it what it had to say to your authentic self. What was it trying to achieve or do for you? How was it trying to help or support you?

Download the workbook here and spend a little time reflecting on the question for Day 1. Think of this as a way to go a little deeper and give yourself the gift of revealing even more of your inner wisdom and greatness as you answer this question today. There is no need to answer all 21 questions at once—just use the workbook as a place to track your responses.