My 3 Biggest Lessons Learned in 2015: Part 3

Happy last day of 2015!

In last week’s Thoughtful Thursday, I talked about learning what it meant to love more fearlessly and how that made a difference in the intention I set to COMMIT to things and choose to be “all in.” Well, another intention I set for 2015 was to CULTIVATE. 

Through reflection, I noticed how I was holding myself back from truly cultivating all that I desire because I wasn’t fully trusting the Universe/God/Source to support me—I was clinging to the need to “figure it out” and clinging to a certain outcome.

In today’s video, I share the third biggest lesson I learned this year which happens to be another thing I’ve been clinging to for most of my life, and how it’s completely unnecessary.

Curious what that is? Then, I invite you to watch today’s video where I’ll share what so many of us hold on to that is keeping us from truly experiencing the love, peace, and joy we are seeking.

Learning to let go of our attachment to our struggle and trusting that we are exactly where we need to be and already worthy of Divine love and peace doesn’t always feel easy. And yet, my question remains: why continue to struggle when we can instead trust that we are deserving just the way we are? 

That’s not a judgment—it’s a sincere question that I’m still exploring for myself. Perhaps it can be one that you, too, gently explore with love and curiosity as you move into a new year.

Realizing we need not suffer to be deserving of love or anything else in our life, reveals more of our True worth. {Tweet that!}

If you are interested in learning more about how to reveal more of your True worth and work on releasing your self-judgments, expectations, and attachments, then I encourage you, to read more about my online course, Being Good with Being You. Registration is open, enrollment is ongoing, and early-bird pricing lasts through the end of the year.

Now, I’d love to hear from you! How do you practice letting go of the struggle or your attachment to it? Post your tips and tricks in the comments below so we can all learn from your insights and wisdom.

With deep honor of who you are in this very moment,


P.S. I truly wish you and yours a very Happy New Year filled with peace, love, and joy as you continue to deepen into your True self! xox