Being Inspired Ep. 001: It's All Okay

Welcome to the first episode of Being Inspired radio show!

When we experience too much pain and suffering, can we still say that everything is okay? When we are too hopeless and down, can we still say that it's all okay?

In this episode, let's learn:

  • The different exercises to Inner Wisdom
  • That everything is okay
  • How to welcome those teachers and accept the lessons that they will offer
  • Love takes discipline and practice
  • How to find what is truly important to your life
  • Everything that we do is a practice that’s why it’s all okay
  • The only person that can free us is ourselves

I also mentioned Cora Poage's website in this episode as a good source for this topic.

Join me and be inspired to say that it's all okay!

Cheers! XOXO


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