Being Inspired Ep. 018: On Transforming the Ego with Wendy May

Join me and Wendy May from Kaistara as we dive into a juicy and inspiring conversation about the enneagram and how it helps us realize that we are already whole and complete! You're not going to want to miss this one.

Wendy is an executive coach and leadership consultant, a former corporate ladder climber, and recovering achievement addict. Over the years, she found that many of the principles that she was using as a change consultant -- to guide people through transitions within organizations -- are also useful to help people make changes within themselves. And she wants to help facilitate these changes for the “soul purpose” of helping people find more freedom and fulfillment in their work-lives. She believes that bringing a holistic perspective to these changes is what makes them authentic and sustainable. Her personal mission is to guide people in making an intentional shift: from balancing work-life to embracing their life’s work.

In this episode, join us as we learn:

  • What the enneagram is and the power of it
  • More about the marriage between psychology and spirituality
  • How to understand the human being in a much broader capacity
  • The 9 different points of Divine quality or higher aspects of humanity
  • How to get love and what our ego has done to make us feel good
  • What ego in action is
  • That the enneagram is not about transcending the ego but transforming it

During this episode, we also pointed out the following resources:

Join us as we transform our ego.

Cheers! XOXO

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