Being Inspired Ep. 012: On Relationships with Tosha Lee Smith

Join this inspiring and juicy conversation with Tosha Lee Smith of The Beautiful Work where we offer up tons of insights and inner wisdom on the topic of relationships. I had "me, too's!" multiple times during the show with all the goodies Tosha was offering up!

I invite you to tune in and learn more about:

  • What being in relationship truly means.
  • How to approach every relationship.
  • Why we are drawn to certain relationships and what they have to teach us.
  • Common misconceptions of being in relationship.
  • Why intimate relationships trigger us so much.
  • How to find ourselves as opposed to lose ourselves while in relationship.
  • Why we find ourselves manifesting the same struggles over and over again.
  • The key to enriching our relationships with others.
  • How to experience miracles in our relationships.
  • How to handle triggers in a healthy way and why it's beneficial to do so.

In this episode, Tosha shares some resources with us that you can find here:

Happy listening! XO

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