Being Inspired Ep. 015: Radical Self-Responsibility

Self-responsbility in its simplest definition is taking into account anything that is within one's power or control. Radical, on the other hand, affects the fundamental nature of something. What happens when these two words are put together?

Tune in to this episode, and you will learn:

  • What it means to take radical self-responsibility (and what it doesn't mean)
  • A lesson I learned from an uncomfortable situation where I wanted to take blame
  • How to relate to these situations differently
  • How taking responsibility allows us to contribute in a more meaningful way
  • Two ways we don't take responsibility - which one do you do more often?
  • A radical question to ask ourselves when tragedies occur
  • A truth to accept before taking  radical self-responsibility
  • What can happen when we all take self-responsibility
  • Beliefs we need to get over before we take radical self-responsibility

Join me and be inspired to be more responsible for our own lives.

Blessings XO

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