Being Inspired Ep. 017: On Addiction

In this episode, I’m talking about addiction, but not necessarily in the obvious sense of the word. When we hear the word “addiction," it’s easy to think about substance addictions, but addiction is so much more than that. In many ways, we’re all addicted. We become fixated on things, which then distract us and keep us from fully engaging with life. We use things, such as scrolling through social media or watching Netflix, in order to escape from what is.

Listen in and learn:

  • What addiction is on a much broader scale
  • How addiction affects all of our lives and shows up in other ways
  • That it is not the “thing” that causes addiction; it is our relationship to that “thing” that drives our addictive behavior
  • How we transform our relationship with these addictive behaviors
  • Where these addictive behaviors show up
  • How to see yourself in others and have compassion

Join me in this episode and be inspired to break free from whatever harmful addiction you may be struggling with.

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