Being Inspired Ep. 020: On Comparison & Our True Self

What does it mean to compare ourselves to others? Where does this come from? How does it keep us from connecting to our true self? These are just a few questions I explore on this week's episode of Being Inspired.

Listen and learn:

  • Where comparison stems from
  • What happens when our ego is in the driver’s seat
  • How we tend to experience comparison
  • What breeds and feeds comparison
  • The different directions of comparison
  • What we are believing when we are in comparison
  • Where we start to reconcile and heal our comparisons
  • What might limit us when it comes to healing ourselves from comparison
  • The reason we or others act or behave in “atrocious” ways
  • What happens when we come to terms with the truth of our wholeness (holiness)

Tune in and be inspired to explore your comparison in a new way.

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