Being Inspired Ep. 021: On the Power of Thoughts with Kelley Cooper

Have you ever heard that our thoughts become things? To think is to create? These are a couple of questions and ideas my guest, Kelley Cooper, and I are going to explore on this Being Inspired episode.

Tune in and learn:

  • Quantum Physics 101—how thoughts become things
  • The dance between frenzied thinking and spaciousness
  • A caution to be on the lookout for
  • What happens when we think too much
  • What happens when we are more selective with our thoughts
  • The importance of connecting with and feeling our thoughts
  • The key ingredient to thoughts becoming things
  • Different ways we connect with our thoughts and relate to our experiences
  • The power that comes with choosing what we believe about an experience
  • Reminders to carry with us to help us reframe our experiences

Kelley and I also mentioned a lot of resources that you can use for further reading:

Join us and hear what insights and gems might inspire you today!

Blessings! XOXO