Being Inspired Ep. 022: On Letting Go to Be Born Again

This idea of letting go has been very prevalent in my life lately though it is taking on a new form than I would have once thought. Join me in this episode and learn:

  • How to look at and experience letting go in a new way
  • The key to revealing our truths and treasures
  • How we perpetuate cycles that do not serve us
  • The fears that come up when we think of letting go
  • How distracting ourselves by clinging to things is an addiction
  • What starts to happen as we start to loosen our grip
  • A powerful question to ask yourself (even though the answer can be terrifying)
  • The side effects of clinging to distractions in our lives
  • The side effects of letting go of those distractions
  • What happens when we face our fear of letting go

In this episode, I mention “A Course in Miracles” as a resource on this topic. Tune in to hear more about what I'm learning and how it might inspire you in your own life.

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