Being Inspired Ep. 023: On Living Life Fully & Living a Gypsy Life with Tara Tagliaferro

Join me and the inspirational Tara Tagliaferro as we explore what it means to live life fully and live a gypsy life.

Tara Tagliaferro is a gypsy artist and collaborative coach, rekindling the creative mojo pumping in your veins for an artistry awakening, wanderlust affair, and everyday soulful life.  Globetrotting around the world performing on Broadway tours and more, Tara is a seasoned storyteller and musical comedy ham, inspired by the stylings of Golden Age greats like Carol Burnett.  As a certified coach and host of women's circles, she brings this funny girl meets fairy godmother flare to serve and simplify the big appetites of visionaries and vagabonds alike.  Come follow Tara's gypsy journey on Instagram with @taratagtickles or on Facebook as Tara Tag the Coach.  Even better, drop her a line at or subscribe to the Gypsyhood to snag a free copy of her e-book debut this fall.

I invite you to listen and be inspired as we talk about:

  • What it means to participate in life fully and be open to everything

  • How to live a more authentic life

Join me and Tara to be more inspired to live life to the fullest!

La Vie Boheme!

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