How to Make Peace with Uncertainty

Being a nomad brings with it a lot of uncertainty. Of course, uncertainty is not unique to a nomad—all of us experience uncertainty from time to time. 

Having had quite a few experiences with uncertainty throughout my life, I spent some time reflecting on how I have learned to get more cozy with it and feel more empowered than I ever did before.

Here are a few things I’ve learned that might help you make peace with uncertainty.

Take just one step

Sometimes we think we need to know exactly what to do next or feel confirmation from the universe, God, our intuition (whatever you call it) before we make our first move. But, often, taking this one step is exactly what we need to do to receive the clarity or confirmation we are looking for.

I was noticing this just the other day. I wasn’t clear as to where exactly to go next and was looking for confirmation from the universe or a clear feeling in my body. Then, after a powerful coaching session, it was made clear to me that sometimes all we need to do is take that first step.

By taking just one step, we are signaling to the universe, God, our intuition that we are ready to move forward and are trusting the process. And by doing this one thing, the confirmation or clarity we were looking for all along makes itself known to us.

Be 100% present

When there is a lot of uncertainty it can be easy to feel overwhelmed or doubtful or even guilty about how things are or are not unfolding. The key for me here is to practice 100% presence in these moments. When I sense that my mind (aka ego) wants to start spinning out of control, I consciously bring myself back to whatever I am doing in this moment and give it everything I have. 

Sometimes the thing I choose to give myself fully over to is creating a list. Sometimes it is researching options. Sometimes it is discussing with my partner or friend what I am experiencing or thinking about. Sometimes it is reading a book that inspires or grounds me. Sometimes it is creating something.

Whatever it is, bring your whole self to it and do it fully.

Give yourself permission to slow down a bit

As a nomad (or anyone else for that matter), there are many moments of transition and integration. I notice that during these times of transition or integration, the kinder and gentler I am with myself, the better. There is a natural ebb and flow to life. It is the same when we find ourselves in a space of uncertainty. It is simply a season, a period of time, and it is okay to give ourselves permission in that moment to ride it out.

That doesn’t mean that we need to go hide under our covers until it’s over. But it does mean that it’s okay if there is more space in the day to reflect, contemplate, meditate, and just BE. Most of us could use more of this in our lives already—and, when we are in the midst of uncertainty or change, it’s even more vital to slow down a bit and just BE.

Nomad and nester alike, life is full of uncertainty. The more we can make peace with the uncertainty and learn to feel more comfortable in its midst, the better off we will be.

Uncertainty isn’t a bad thing; uncertainty is an opportunity for us to get in touch with what it is we truly desire. {Tweet that!}

The next time you find yourself living out of a suitcase for a long period of time or wondering what career you want to try next or feeling a little discomfort at the thought of moving or even staying put in the same place, remember a few of these reminders to make friends with the unknown and feel the peace and empowerment that comes with it.

Now it’s your turn! What is your favorite way to make peace with uncertainty?

Share with us in the comments below the blog so that we can all be better positioned with tried and true ways to become buddy-buddy with something that doesn’t always feel all that great.

If you know someone who could benefit from experiencing a little more peace in their life during uncertain times, please share this with them.

Making peace with uncertainty is an empowering place to be. {Tweet that, too!