How to Use Your Tools & Stay True to You

As a student of life, a self-help junkie, and a soulful inquirer, I’ve read a lot of books, taken a lot of courses, watched a lot of videos, and listened to a lot of podcasts. In the course of this, I’ve acquired hundreds of tools and pieces of advice—everything from meditation (in all its forms) to drinking hot lemon water to keeping a gratitude journal to reciting mantras to inquiring my thoughts to visualizations to doing yoga to many, many more.

And as an over-achieving student and dedicated disciple, I take these tools and teachings to heart and do my best to use each one and get (what a dear friend and mentor Cora Poage recently said) an A+ on my spiritual report card.

Perhaps you can relate.

It seems like everywhere we turn nowadays there is a new tool or technique or piece of advice that someone is offering us. For me, this can sometimes feel overwhelming, discouraging, or even distract me from the very thing I am trying to experience (such as relief, peace, or ease).

In today’s video, I share a fresh perspective to help bring us back to our center and experience that which we seek.

If you’re anything like me and have found yourself feeling overwhelmed, discouraged, or distracted by the immense amount of tools you have at your fingertips, I invite you to watch today’s video and hear a few empowering reframes and reminders. 

As you take inventory of your toolbox, I invite you to remember why you acquired the tools to begin with, give yourself permission to leave a few in your toolbox, and feel self-empowered to choose the ones that serve you best in each moment.

Tools are to be used to reveal the greatness already within us, not distract us from who we truly are. {Tweet that!}

Now, it’s your turn! What are one or two tools that are non-negotiables for you? And, are there any tools you can retire and put back in your toolbox until they are called for by a particular moment? Share your thoughts in the comments below this video so we can all be reminded of just how self-empowering our toolbox truly is.

Do you know someone who could benefit from feeling some relief and encouragement when it comes to the multitude of tools in their toolbox? If so, please share this with them.

P.S. I’ve got some exciting things coming up over the next two months that I can't wait to share with you so be sure to keep an eye out for more insights and updates from yours truly! xoxo