Are you ready to celebrate your wholeness?

Are you ready to acknowledge just how much you've accomplished and learned?

Are you ready to start the New Year with clear, soulful intentions to guide you and your actions throughout 2016?

If you answered "YES!" to any of these questions, then I invite you to keep on reading.

After years of being encouraged to write resolutions or create goals, I noticed just how often I was left feeling disappointed, guilty, and flat-out not good enough when a new year was approaching. Then something changed. I learned the power of setting intentions rather than goals.

Now, I feel excited to begin a new year knowing there's nothing missing, I am already complete, and I have all the wisdom I need within. And, at the end of the year, I feel grateful, fully supported, and empowered seeing how my entire year was guided by the intentions I set nearly 12 months earlier. And, it's absolutely astonishing just how and in what ways my intentions came to fruition!

The reason I find intentions to be so much more powerful than goal-setting is because they serve as a guiding force throughout the year while allowing each of us to remain open to the flow and guidance and unexpected support of the universe.

As I've recently been reminded by Marianne Williamson in "A Return to Love," when we set specific goals or ask for specific things in our lives, we can often underestimate what a larger force (call it God, Universe, Source) has in store for us and might end up limiting ourselves more than we know. Seen from a different perspective, when we set ourselves up to attain specific goals or milestones, we are attaching to a specific outcome and setting ourselves up for disappointment when our expectations aren't met. (And as I've come to know quite intimately, attachments keep us from being our truest selves.)

In this month's FREE seminar, I teach the process to reveal and set intentions that are true to who you already are and align with your soul essence, which will guide and support you throughout 2016.

If you are unable to attend the live call, I will be sending out a recording of this seminar to everyone who claims their spot below!

What you’ll learn:

  • Why setting soulful intentions sets you up for feeling successful in the new year
  • A simple process to reflect on your year to reveal any motifs or patterns so you have a sense of where you have been placing your focus and where you might want to shift your focus
  • A technique to celebrate all you have brought about and learned over the past year by teasing out the lessons and accomplishments
  • How to uncover and set soulful intentions that are completely aligned with and fully support who you already are, all you already have, and what you desire to experience more of in your life

If you've ever felt disappointed, less than, or overwhelmed when starting a new year, do yourself a favor and go into 2016 with compassion, clarity, and confidence by learning how to be guided by your very own soulful intentions.

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What others are saying about my seminars:

"I really enjoyed your call. Thank you! You shared so many great questions we can ask ourselves. I had a huge aha moment as I was listening to you and thinking of what's going on in me. You helped me realize how much guilt I have saying anything not loving around my parents. This is a really huge shift for my healing. Thank you. I have a date with my journal now.”

"Beautiful, Amanda. Such an inspired session. Loved your affirmation that we are already divine love, just as we are and that we don't need to do anything. Also, loved your question reframe around allowing or avoiding. So simple but so powerful.”

"I wanted to reach out to thank you for today's teleclass. I don't generally think of myself as guilt-ridden, yet I found much of what you talked about today to be relevant and helpful in two areas ... [and] I feel more optimistic and better equipped to tackle [my situation] by using some of the techniques you shared."