Being Good with Being You Self-Study Virtual Program


Being Good with Being You Self-Study Virtual Program


Do you already know that nothing is broken and yet you still find yourself seeking answers or reading books or spending hours online reading posts and articles that fall under the “self-improvement” section?

Do you believe that you are uniquely designed to serve a unique purpose but self-doubt seems to keep popping up?

Do you understand that you are the source of your own validation and yet you find yourself feeling let down or inadequate when you compare or rely on other’s attention or approval?

Do you desire to just BE and are tired of striving to DO because you know that BEING is enough and are curious how to experience more of this in your life?

If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, then I invite you to enroll in my "Being Good with Being You" online self-study program.

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This is for you if you are ready to...

  • Live, laugh, and love more fully.
  • Experience deeper love for yourself and others.
  • Become even more aware of what you want and don’t want.
  • Redefine your own definitions of success and abundance.
  • Free yourself from looking to others for validation or caring what others might think.
  • Unapologetically experience more peace, ease, and joy.

What you'll receive...

  • This isn't a "get-[fill-in-the-blank]-quick" program; this is a valuable piece of your overall growth and transformation.
  • Access to 6 recorded seminars, 6 workbooks, and a private Facebook group (for those who do enjoy being online and part of a community of like-minded individuals).
  • Monthly live Q&A calls where we can jam about anything that is coming up for you (these will also be recorded and made accessible).
  • Email reminders with inspiration to support you on your journey and ensure you’re enjoying the ride!
  • An opportunity to explore, reveal, and deepen into your Truest self at your own pace and in a way that serves you best.

What you'll give...

  • There is no magic pill and no one can do the work for you—you must be willing to show up 100% and do the (sometimes) uncomfy work it takes to reveal your Truest self.
  • $297 which is only $99 a month if you adhere to the 3-month structure and is priceless since you have unlimited access to this content (I actually feel confident enough to say that this is a "why wouldn't I?" sort of price)
  • Plus, when you invest in yourself, you're not only helping yourself, you're also helping the future of our planet by bringing mindfulness into classrooms as a portion of all sales are donated to Headstand (an innovative non-profit organization that works to combat toxic stress in disadvantaged K-12 students through mindfulness, yoga, and character education).

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