Many people say, "I need to write a book." And, while this sentiment may be true, the world doesn't just need more books—the world needs more books that inspire and awaken others.

This is where you come in.

You have a story, a message, something that has been knocking on your door for months or years. It is that thing you just can't stop thinking about. It is that thing that made you who you are today. It is that thing that you want more than anything to shout from the rooftop.

After writing and publishing my first book, a couple of things became very clear to me:

  1. There is power in sharing my story as a means of releasing its grip on me while serving others and, 
  2. There is power in working with others to bring it into the world. Each of us has our own unique story to share, and it takes a village to make it manifest. 

This is where I come in.

With years of experience as a published author, ghostwriter, editor, and coach, I am confident that I can guide you to getting clear on what it is you have to say, who you want to say it to, how you want to say it, and ensuring it is said in the most impactful, grammatically correct, and inspirational way. I offer everything from developmental editing to proofreading to design to promotional support.

So, let's get started.

In order to get a feel for how best I can serve you, I suggest we have a free consultation where we can learn a little more about each other and how best to bring your book into the world.

In the meantime, here is a bit more about what I offer. Please note that each package or offering can be tailored to each author as needed.

Cover-to-Cover Package

  • GETTING STARTED: Phase I [Proposed Month 1]
    • Defining Intention, Concept + Problem
    • Identifying Theme, Structure + Outline
    • Clarifying Audience, Market, Voice + Tone
    • Determining Timeline + Writing Goals
  • PULLING IT TOGETEHER: Phase II [Proposed Months 2-4]
    • Substantive + Content Editing (brainstorming, revising, ongoing accountability)
    • Creation of Book Description (to be used on book cover, sales page, and promotional materials)
    • Gathering of Endorsements + Praise for Book
    • 2 r ounds of Copyediting (syntax + grammatical)
    • Pre-launch, Launch + Post-Launch Marketing Strategy
  • BRINGING IT INTO THE WORLD: Phase III [Proposed Months 5-6]
    • Book Design (interior + book cover)
    • Publishing Support (purchase of ISBN, imprint, sales/landing page, print + electronic book prep for distribution)
    • 2 rounds of Proofreading (typos + layout once book is finished + printed)
    • Pr e-launch, Launch + Post-Launch Campaign Creation + Execution

Editing Services

  • Substantive/Content Editing: Provide editing and feedback on overall structure and flow (either once the manuscript is complete or during the writing process), ensuring message comes across as clearly and accurately as possible. 
  • Copyediting: Provide editing and feedback on syntax, grammar, spelling, and consistency of message.
  • Proofreading: Provide a final review of finished manuscript to catch any final typos or errors before it goes to print.

Ghostwriting Services

If you are interested in having me ghostwrite your book, please schedule time to talk with me so we can identify the best package and approach for you.

My deep desire is to serve you through the use of my gifts—which happen to be revealing the truth and articulating it in such a way that resonates deeply with others. I also happen to have a knack at using the English language effectively and a keen (and slightly obsessive) attention to detail.

It would be my honor to serve as your guide as your dream of writing a book become reality!