Do you have a burning desire inside you to write a book? 

Many people say, "I need to write a book." And, while this sentiment may be true, the world doesn't just need more books—the world needs more inspired books that awaken others ... that only you can write.

This is where you come in.

You have a story, a message, something that has been knocking on your door for months ... or years. It is that thing you just can't stop thinking about. It is that experience that made you who you are today. It is that clear knowing that you want more than anything to share with others.

This is where I come in.

My deep desire is to serve you through the use of my gifts—which happen to be revealing the truth and articulating it in such a way that resonates deeply with others. I also happen to have a knack at using the English language effectively and a keen (and slightly obsessive) attention to detail.

With years of experience as a published author, ghostwriter, editor, and coach (have a look below for some samples of my previous projects), I am here to guide you as you get clear on what it is you have to say, who you want to say it to, how you want to say it, and ensuring it is said in the most impactful, grammatically correct, and inspirational way. Whether you desire to self-publish or have a manuscript ready to submit to agents and publishers, you don't have to do it alone. 

With your desire and my devotion, we can bring your book into the world.

I am humbled and honored to support you in a variety of ways ... 

7-Week Clarity Coaching Package

Value Exchange of $777

Sometimes you just don't know where or how to start. Maybe you feel you don't have the time or financial resources to devote to the entire book writing journey quite yet. Or perhaps you simply need a hand getting started. If any of this describes you, this is a great way to ease in and jumpstart your book. During these seven weeks, I will guide you on getting crystal clear on your intention, what you want to say, why you are the one to say it, who you are saying it to, and how to say it in the most impactful and inspirational way. With my support, you can feel clear and confident on next steps and inspired to share the message that only you can share. You will receive seven 60-minute sessions along with questionnaires to support your clarity.

6-Month Mentorship Package

Value Exchange of $2999 or $555/month

Sometimes you are ready to bring your story into the world, yet this can feel overwhelming and, at times, quite lonely. Whether you are starting with an idea or a completed manuscript that hasn't yet seen the light of day (or somewhere in between), having someone at your side as you give life (or wings) to your book is such a gift. During these six months, I will serve as your guide and mentor, offering you ongoing encouragement, support, detailed feedback, and various resources, so you can feel confident and supported during the ups and downs the creative journey inevitably offers. You will receive 12 60-minute mentorship sessions, regular feedback, additional content and structural editing, writing and publishing resources, and unlimited email and text support.

Cover-to-Cover Writing Package

Value Exchange of $4999

Sometimes you are on fire and 100% committed to do the thing you know you are here to do—write and publish your book. You desire the accountability and support required to move through any blocks or limitations that inevitably arise, as well as have the resources and steps provided to you every step of the way. Yet you don't want to spend a fortune to make your dream a reality. During this cover-to-cover package, we will identify a realistic timeline (which is often faster than you think) for your project and move toward that with ongoing accountability, encouragement, support, feedback, and resources, resulting in a completely edited and ready-to-distribute manuscript—whether you desire to self-publish or submit a book proposal. You will receive weekly mentorship and accountability sessions, regular feedback, content and structural editing, copyediting and proofreading, book proposal and/or self-publishing support, and unlimited email and text support. 

* When you are ready to get started, you will be invited to schedule a free consultation to further discuss your desire and ensure we are fully aligned and a vibrational match. In addition, you will be asked to do your best to answer a few questions about your inspired book.

Additional Editing Services

Every great writer needs a great editor. Perhaps you have a rough draft or even a completed manuscript, and now it's time to ensure it is the best it can be. It is time to ensure it conveys your message in the most authentic and impactful (as well as the least distracting or confusing) way. As an author myself, I know how important another set of eyes is when it comes to the creative process. As someone who appreciates the big picture and conveying a message in a way that resonates with its audience, as well as a fairly obsessed-with-details individual, the editing process is one of my favorite parts of the creative journey. Over the past few years, I have had the pleasure of serving as an editor for many books that are now published, and it would be an honor to serve as yours.

Whether you are looking for content editing (think "big picture" content, structure, and flow), copy- or line editing (think syntax, correct word usage, spelling, and consistency of message), or proofreading (think final stage nitty-gritty review for typos or errors before it goes to print), I can support you in bringing a book into the world of which you are exceptionally proud. 

If you are interested in editing services, kindly send me an email so we can discuss your project, my rates, and the best way to move forward. 

The Proof Is in the Reading

Over the past few years, I have had the pleasure of authoring, ghostwriting, and editing many published books. Feel free to check them out!