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Amanda Johnson 

Amanda works one on one with authors to bring their unique stories and perspectives into the world in an authentic and compassionate way.

As an author herself, Amanda understands the importance of the process in writing our stories and not just focusing on the final outcome. Seeing the value of the team that helped birth her book planted the seed and ultimately gave birth to Awaken Village Press; a transformative indie publishing house that is here to awaken the planet one book at a time.

Who I Am

My mission is to inspire you to reveal and express more of who you truly are.

I do what I do because I have spent many years suffering and continue to witness the suffering of so many people around me. I came to the conclusion that the suffering wasn’t due to the fact that I hadn’t yet accomplished something amazing or didn’t yet have a million dollars in the bank or hadn’t yet traveled to all the incredible places I wanted to travel. It was because I was totally unwilling to accept the truth of who I am and accept there is no “there” to arrive at before I will stop suffering. I believe this very well might be the case for you, too. My inability to appreciate my okay-ness in each moment led me on a search to constantly do more, have more, attain more, and sometimes be less, shine less, experience less. As far as I was concerned, I was never okay. I was never enough. For so many of us, “enough” is not enough. It’s reaching for low-hanging fruit and we can, nay, should reach for much higher fruit. Yet “enough” is the place to start. 

If you can’t accept your enough-ness, you can never accept your magnificence.


Becoming Enough: A Heroine's Journey to the Already Perfect Self

True freedom is found when you lay down your shield and live from a place of your true perfection. You are free to be exactly who you are, trusting that what you do is complete—which is always enough. With these words of peace and possibility, Amanda shares her personal journey—unique, empowering, and much like the stories and emotional baggage we all carry around.

Amanda’s open-hearted narrative clearly shows the moments when seeds of judgment and ego-confusion were planted by well-meaning parents and mentors. This is a story of courage—that first step into the unknown requiring trust and a deep understanding that after all is said and done, the most perilous pathway is found within all evolving beings. This journey doesn’t end at a roadside snack shack with celebratory icy drinks—when you sign onto this adventure, you sign up for life. Like those beautiful Russian Nesting dolls waiting patiently to be free, Amanda uncovers her inherent wholeness one layer at a time, using her expanding awareness and the wise words of pioneers who have walked before her.

With truth often seeming like a sharpened corkscrew digging deeper with every twist, the flow of transformation carries Amanda from one breakthrough to the next—the call of her truest self growing louder and more insistent as she paves her own path. Filled with story and rich with depth, Becoming Enough is a powerful opportunity for seekers everywhere to join her movement of change, shed the protective shield of judgment, and live a life of true wholeness.


Becoming Free: From Letting Go to Embracing It All

True freedom is found in embracing all of it and not believing we can choose our way out of half of it.

Becoming Free is a story of one woman’s quest to unshackle herself from everything she fears and express more of who she truly is. This book takes the reader on a journey—both literally and metaphorically—of self-discovery, getting to the root of what letting go truly means.


Having spent a lifetime needing to understand it all and figure it out, Amanda struggled to understand why she felt stuck despite her ability to end a marriage, quit jobs, travel the world, have multiple lovers, and do as she pleased. This frustration led to a key realization. 

The journey of non-attachment isn’t what we think. As Amanda discovers along the way, the path to freedom isn’t found in “having” or “not having”; it’s found in embracing all of it with an open heart.

Join Amanda as she guides you through the (at times) unacceptable nature of being human—from the valleys of Peru to the beaches of Costa Rica to the piazzas of Italy to the cities of America—reminding you of the paradox of existence while finding comfort in the discomfort.

“Amanda's writing style is a blend of raw honesty, vulnerability, and wisdom. Her ability to articulate the complexities of the human experience is nothing short of remarkable. Becoming Free isn’t just a book; it's a companion for anyone on the journey of self-discovery and acceptance.” - Clinton Brown, entrepreneur, community builder, and inseminator of ideas

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Awakening the Planet, One Book at a Time

Awaken Village Press is a transformative indie publishing house that is here to awaken the new paradigm by amplifying stories about the human and spiritual experience. We understand the importance of the process, and not just focusing on the final outcome, when telling our stories. Our dedicated team is here to support authors from putting the first words on paper, all the way through to publication and beyond. Our mission is to awaken the planet one book at a time by serving as a companion publisher to authors with an inspiring message to share. When we reveal and express more of who we truly are, our world changes.

We believe the book writing process is a transformative one—for both the author and the reader. Whether you have a story to tell or are looking for a book to read, we invite you to join our village and work with us to awaken the planet, one book at a time.



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