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Thank You for Sharing – Lesson #3

Evolution is a process. Life is a journey, not a destination. Transformation takes time. As I continue growing, changing, learning, evolving, I find that sometimes I “fall short” and need to be reminded of the lessons I am trying to learn and strategies to move me forward. This week I am going to share one “lesson” a day that has recently come in handy for me and might serve as a helpful reminder for others.

I thank my inner voice for what it has to share.


Over the years, I have found that the voice(s) in my head can be very loud and convincing sometimes. I have spent much of my life listening to and dialoguing with these inner voices. You know, like when my mind (aka ego) says things like “he must not be telling me the truth,” “she doesn’t really mean that,” “he must have met someone else,” “he must not love me,” or a myriad of other thoughts formed from my own invention. When my mind starts to make-believe or say “what if,” I now simply acknowledge that voice by saying “thank you for sharing” rather than engaging with it or trying to argue with it or even stop it from occurring. I thank it for what it has to share and I move on with my day.

If you were to give your inner voice a name, what would it be? I have named mine “Magda.” Join the conversation by leaving a comment.

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