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Being Good With Being Me

My mission is to inspire you to reveal and express more of who you truly are. I do what I do because I have spent many years suffering and continue to witness the suffering of so many people around me. I came to the conclusion that the suffering wasn’t due to the fact that I hadn’t yet accomplished something amazing or didn’t yet have a million dollars in the bank or hadn’t yet traveled to all the incredible places I wanted to travel.

It was because I was totally unwilling to accept the truth of who I am and accept there is no “there” to arrive at before I will stop suffering. I believe this very well might be the case for you, too.

My inability to appreciate my okay-ness in each moment led me on a search to constantly do more, have more, attain more, and sometimes be less, shine less, experience less. As far as I was concerned, I was never okay. I was never enough. For so many of us, “enough” is not enough. It’s reaching for low-hanging fruit and we can, nay, should reach for much higher fruit. Yet “enough” is the place to start.

If you can’t accept your enough-ness, you can never accept your magnificence.

Perhaps you’re familiar with the idea that you are looking to somehow “fill the void” that you experience within. No matter what you label it, it all comes down to not feeling whole and complete just the way you are. So you think the answer lies in seeking it from others, because you don’t notice you already are that which you seek. Then, you don’t receive it because you aren’t being it, and that perpetuates the belief that you don’t have it within. What a vicious cycle! And one I know all too well. I spent a lifetime feeling inadequate and incapable of listening to my own inner wisdom. I believed everyone else had it figured out, and I was failing big time. I assumed there was one way to do something, and it was their way, not mine. I thought, if I’m to be “successful” or happy, I’d better be more like everyone else and do it their way.

Here’s the thing. I now experience what it’s like to live without the constant need to search outside myself or feel inadequate because my way looks different from someone else’s.

Now, I choose to see myself as perfect just the way I am. And not “perfect” as in “free from faults or defects” but as in the less common, and yet primary, definition, “having all the required or desirable characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.”

I choose to trust myself and move forward despite uncertainty.

I choose to see how connected we all are and how my way is just as relevant as anyone else’s. As I begin to be more of this whole, complete, non-judgmental observer, I experience some of the most incredible moments of trust, synchronicity, divine perfection, unlimited possibilities, and flow in my life.

Being good with being me has offered me an opportunity to experience life from a place of more peace, ease, and joy than I ever did before.

Part of my soul’s work is to be a (somewhat obsessive) student of life, take lots of detailed notes, and share my experiences with others—through the written and spoken word. That’s not to say that my experience is “right” or the one-and-only answer. But sharing my experience may encourage you to ask questions of your own and reveal more of who you truly are.

I am honored to share my journey of peeling back the layers in order to inspire you to reveal and express more of who you truly are. I do this as a guide for others who have a story within them that needs to be revealed and expressed and in my videos & blog, Being Inspired Radio Show, and my new book—Becoming Enough: A Heroine’s Journey to the Already Perfect Self.

The enough-ness in me honors the enough-ness in you,

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