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Happiness is in the mind

A great post on something that resonates deeply with me and with the purpose of living a present driven life. We are most certainly in control of whether or not to be at peace and whether or not to listen to the incessant thinking in our minds. Read Karen’s blog for that much-needed reminder and inspiration.


The thoughts that cross your mind will either make you happy or not. It is not your life or what`s happening in it which makes you happy, but your perception of it. This is the half full/ half empty cup which we talked earlier. If you think negative thoughts, you will not feel good and vice versa. Now you know that you can control your mind. So you understand that you are solely responsible for the quality of your life and your state of happiness. There is nothing wrong in being delighted in dramas, fears and worries if it is a conscious choice, and if somehow that makes you happy. But if it is true happiness that you are after, peace and bliss, then only you can provide it for yourself. No one else can do it for you. No outside circumstances will bring it…

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