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Presence Matters Has Been Accepted to Publish Articles on Elephant Journal

I am excited to share that Presence Matters has been accepted to publish articles on elephant journal!

This is a really important step for spreading the message of having peace and ease in life.

I invite each of you, my supportive readers, to take a moment to check out the article—3 Pieces of Common Advice That We Might Be Better off Ignoring.

How many times have you heard one of these before?

“You haven’t lived until you’ve…!”

“Happiness is the key to life.”

“Live up to your full potential.”

In this article, I take a closer look at each of these pieces of advice and explore another perspective that is less harmful and more empowering.

You can help out greatly by clicking this link and, if the article inspires or resonates with you, re-share it on your personal social media pages.

Thank you for seeking and spreading the art of improving the experience of life!

With gratitude …

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