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The Essence of “Presence Matters”

Welcome to Presence Matters! Here we will examine the benefits of living a mindful existence and break it down into practical applications to our daily lives. Living in the present is a moment-by-moment decision with life-changing benefits that can be as simple (albeit not necessarily easy) as making the conscious choice to improve the experience of life in a more holistic way.

I will share personal accounts of the power presence has had in my life, articles about mindfulness, and practical tips for bringing mindfulness and presence into your life.

My goal is to spread the joy and ease each of us can experience in our personal and professional lives as far as I can.

A few topics I will be exploring in my blog:

  1. Moving from Resistance to Resilience

  2. Moving from Judgment to Joy

  3. Moving from Attachment to Open-Mindedness

  4. Expanding Possibilities vs. Defending the Stories We Tell Ourselves

  5. Using Presence to Find Your Essence

  6. Do Well to Dwell in the Now

  7. Creating Spaciousness for Creativity

  8. Letting Go of the Ego

  9. Leaving Roller Coasters to the Theme Parks 

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