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Limitless Beliefs – Lesson #4

Evolution is a process. Life is a journey, not a destination. Transformation takes time. As I continue growing, changing, learning, evolving, I find that sometimes I “fall short” and need to be reminded of the lessons I am trying to learn and strategies to move me forward. This week I am going to share one “lesson” a day that has recently come in handy for me and might serve as a helpful reminder for others.

Who would I be without that thought?


There are countless times when I limit myself with my own beliefs. Instead of being true to myself in the moment, I find myself saying things like “I always go with the flow, so that wouldn’t bother me” or “I’m a person who really doesn’t like change – I need security and to feel comfortable.” When these sorts of thoughts cross my mind, I pause and ask myself gently, “Who would I be without that thought? How would I act if I didn’t believe it?” This helps me come back to being in the moment and respond in a very present and authentic way by not responding based on how I’ve done things in the past or how I think I should do something, but rather what feels right for me in that moment.

What limiting beliefs are you holding onto? Join the conversation by leaving a comment.

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