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Remember to Breathe – Lesson #2

Evolution is a process. Life is a journey, not a destination. Transformation takes time. As I continue growing, changing, learning, evolving, I find that sometimes I “fall short” and need to be reminded of the lessons I am trying to learn and strategies to move me forward. This week I am going to share one “lesson” a day that has recently come in handy for me and might serve as a helpful reminder for others.

Just breathe.


When I find myself feeling anxious or stressed or impatient or angry or frustrated or annoyed, I breathe as many times as I need to while focusing on my breath to bring me back to the present moment, and to give myself a minute so that I respond instead of react. Taking the time to breathe creates the space for me to come from a more grounded, centered space and focus on the generative power of the life force contained within my body.

Can you recall a time when taking a few deep breaths provided you with the calm and centeredness you needed in that moment? Do you have another tool you use when needing to reground or refocus? Join the conversation by leaving a comment.

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