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Want to Get Outta Your Head, Get Into Your Body?

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A common question that I received in response to my survey is: “How do I go from knowing what to do to doing it?” (If you didn’t get a chance to respond to my super-short survey, I’d still love to hear from you!)

This is a great question and one that trips me up time and time again.

I find that there are so many times when I go around knowing exactly what it is I’m “supposed to do” or saying all the “right things” when it comes to being mindful and present—and then I just don’t follow through.

Most recently this has been coming up in my relationship. I can say I’m mindful and honoring the moment, and then I catch myself doing everything but that.

Can you relate?

In this video, I’m going to share with you a fairly simple answer to this seemingly challenging question. It stems from some beautiful advice from the soulful Cora Poage via the incredible Elle Callahan.

Stop asking what I should be “doing” and instead ask how am I “being”? {Tweet that!}

Now it’s your turn! How do you go from “knowing” to “doing”? What does this bring up for you?

Head on over to the blog to share your wisdom in the comments below this video. I would love to see what sort of conversation we can drum up.

So many of us “know” just what to do, yet how many of us struggle to actually practice it in the moment?

With gratitude …

PS Please pass this along to anyone you may know who could benefit from hearing this soulful reminder and receive some relief when it comes to this common question.

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